OSCAR Standards

"OSCAR" is a generic term that refers both to the sector as a whole and the programmes that make up that sector.  


OSCAR programmes can choose to become "approved" by meeting a set of standards that are audited by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).  On it's own the term OSCAR does not stand for any for of licensing or accreditation.


The MSD Standards measure whether an out of school programme provides adequate care an a safe environment for children.   To find out more about MSD Approval for your programme, visit the overview of approval process for Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR programmes


Once your programme is approved, MSD will forward your details to Work and Income (WINZ) so caregivers can access the childcare subsidy.  Only MSD approved programmes are eligible for WINZ childcare subsidies.  This subsidy is a payment made directly to your programme to assist caregivers with fee payments. Caregivers have to meet the eligibility requirements to received the subsidy - these are based on employment or in-training status and income.  You can find out more information on the fee subsidy at the WINZ website