CHILD DEVELOPMENT “ Challenging Behaviour”

Joe turns up at the programme angry every day; he shouts, throws his bag down and stomps around.  Millie is loud, she comes in talking and doesn’t stop until she goes home, Alisha is quiet, withdrawn even, she closes down when you talk to her, Luca is a typical 6 year old except he will not stop lying, Kanesha is smart, but likes to belittle other girls of her age, when challenged, she belittles the staff, Tamati does not like it when things do not go his way; he lashes out without thinking… Kyle likes rules, well breaking them! Whenever you ask him to do something his first word is “No”!  If any of the above sound familiar then this workshop is for you.  We’ll look at what’s going on with these behaviours and examine any you may be struggling with.


Facilitator:  Pam Hughes




10:00am - 12:00pm 28th February 2018


$50 Members
$100 Non-members

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