Child Development - I am only 5

Think back to when you were about to start school.  What do you remember?  Chances are it brought up some feelings of apprehension and loss.  Or you may have been excited because your older brother or sister was already at school and you longed to be a “big kid”.  


Remember how long the first day was and then YOU HAD TO GO TO OSCAR instead of going home to lie down! “ I’m only 5” looks at helping 5s to make the transition to OSCAR as smooth as it can be.


The workshop will look at the growth patterns of 5 and 6s and maybe explain some of the brick walls you may hitting regarding these ages.  We’ll also look at making sure their environment is well-suited to them.


Some of the areas covered will be:

  • Te Whariki – early childhood curriculum
  • Skills children need before they attend OSCAR
  • Reporting back to parents
  • Activities and interests
  • Friendships
  • Daily Routines
  • Discipline
  • Ideas for staff
  • Moving towards 6


This workshop is a must for all OSCAR practitioners as research shows that children who feel more secure, are relaxed and comfortable in their new environment are more able to negotiate the challenges that OSCAR offers.



39 Nursery Road, Phillipstown


10:00am - 12:00pm 7th November 2018


$50 members
$100 non-members

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