First Aid Training - Refresher

Do you hold a current First Aid Certificate?

According to industry standards, the expiry date for the Workplace First Aid and Workplace Re-certification Course is every 2 years. In order to keep your First Aid certificate current you are required to attend a refresher course within 3 months of expiration of your current certificate.   Although we do not encourage staff to leave revalidation to the last minute for safety reasons.


If staff previously sat their First Aid Course with MediTrain South Central:
Please obtain the full date in which the staff member sat their previous First Aid course

If staff previously sat their First Aid Course with another First Aid provider:
Can you please obtain a copy of their previous First Aid certificate or other evidence (wallet card) a scan of this is sufficient.


If any complications occur with sourcing previous First Aid certificate, a letter from the last First Aid provider with the course date stated is acceptable.


This Meditrain course meets the CYF requirements and is NZQA approved.  There is a special deal for OSCAR providers and you need to get your registrations in to the OSCAR Network as soon as possible to avoid missing out.  

Venue to be confirmed by Medi-train




8:30am - 12:30pm 14th December 2019



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