OSCAR in a Nutshell - Blenheim

The Child Protection session gives an overall view of the types of abuse that children may face and the signs to look out for.  We will look at the protocols that are in place for programme disclosure of suspected/disclosed abuse of a child

With Challenging Behaviour it’s hard to remain calm when a child pushes your boundaries but remember the same applies when you push a child too hard.  So where is the line and how do we accommodate a child who steps over that line every single day?  This session will cover theory and practice of children who are struggling and expressing this by their challenging behaviour. 

There is nothing like the peace of mind of knowing your programme is up to speed with all the Health and Safety regulations and that you have failsafe systems in place.

This training is not just for the programme supervisor because all employees have a responsibility for making the work place safe.  This means having awareness about everything – eyes in the back of your head.  By being trained and aware, staff is significantly more likely to reduce the risk of accident, incident or injury.

An emergency is an unforeseen event and falls into 2 categories; personal; a missing child, agitated dog, or physical; earthquake, flood, tsunami etc.  This session will support you in identifying risks that your programme may face and then planning for them.



14B Stephenson Street


6:00pm - 9:00pm 11th March 2020


$60 per person - Light refreshments provided

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